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Herb Plants – FREE local delivery on Dingle Peninsula minimum order €20 April 8, 2019

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Herb Plant Batches €20

Place order prior to payment by email gretasherbs@yahoo.com or text 0863169716. Large quantities of individual varieties are not available. Please match varieties & pot size below to the batch you are ordering. Payment is made after the delivery is organised. Delivery approximately 7-10 days (vegetable trays may take longer)


Batch A    8 small pots

Batch B     5 large pots

Batch C     2 large pots & 5 small pots

Batch D     2 trays Vegetables, 2 large pots & 3 small pots (limited supply)

Batch E     Special offer: Greta’s Herb Book & 5 small pots


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Please decide which varieties & pot size and match them to the batch which most suits your needs

Example Batch B: 5 Large Pots  – Name your varieties …………. from the large pots Batch C : 2 Large Pots & 5 Small – Name your varieties…. from large and small pot 

Small Pots:  Chocolate Peppermint (delicious tea), Apple Mint, Mint Moroccan, Parsley Italian Flat, Parsley curly, Salad burnet, Broad Sorrel , Borage, Sage, Fennel, Chives, Thyme Common, Lemon thyme ‘Doone Valley’

Small Pots/Salad Herbs etc: Rocket, Mizuna green, Mizuna Red frills, Red Mustard, Calendula pot marigold, Chop suey greens, Nasturtium Climbing, Nasturtium bush (2 of these per variety chosen)

Large Pots: Chamomile double flowering, Applemint, Chocolate peppermint, Orange mint, Lime mint, Comfrey common, Gold oregano, Oregano, Fennel, Garlic Chives, Chives plain, Thyme compactus, Lemon thyme, Orange thyme, Curry plant, Cardoon, Tansy, Sweet Cicely, Sweet woodruff, Lovage, Purple Sage , Rosemary, Lavender white , Lavender hidcote (blue). Flat Italian Parsley, Golden feverfew, Good King Henry,

Bay leaf : €5

Trays Vegetables limited supply: Russian kale – Kale Ruble – Cavelo Italian Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Lettuce mix – Lettuce Suzan butterhead)- Lettuce Cut & come – Mangetout peas – Broccoli purple sprouting (may take longer to deliver)

Tomatoes Moneymaker – Plum – Gardener’s Delight – Golden Sunrise – (small pots) Container varieties : Lilliput – Maskotka- Tumbler (large pots only) Later: Courgette green – yellow – Cucumbers – Cucamelon – Sweet Peppet ‘Marconi’ – Chilli pepper ‘hot wax’

Patio & Flowering Plants see below

Greta’s Guidelines to Success

Please keep all plants outside in their pots for 4-7 days to harden and develop a good root system especially the vegetable trays. The only exception is basil which needs to be grown inside on a sunny window, greenhouse or tunnel. Always check underneath pots and trays for a sign of roots which means it is ready to plant! A little general granular fertiliser such as Growmore mixed with compost and put in the planting hole will give the plants a great start.

Many of the small herb pots may be potted into large pots and grown on for planting out later. Many varieties will be ideal for container growing.Water plants carefully. It is a good idea to let thymes, rosemary and sage dry out between watering as they will not tolerate constant wet conditions. My book ‘Greta’s Herbs’ has all the information you will require and features over 100 varieties, all of which I have grown at some stage.

Watch out for slugs! They love young leaves especially lettuce and will gobble them up in one night! There are many methods to try to prevent disaster, but vigilance is vital. Set up beer traps, sprinkle crushed eggshells, nemaslug (biological control) or use organic slug pellets. Although ordinary slug pellets are hugely effective please be aware that as they poison the slugs, they will also poison the birds! If you use them apply sparingly – you can sprinkle a few into a jam jar lid so they do not contaminate the soil and empty the dead slugs every morning into the bin before the birds eat them

The tiny baby slugs are the worst – they get wedged between leaves and underneath pots and trays where you may not spot them and then wonder why so many of your plants are disappearing. I continually pick these slimy creatures off and feed them to the hens!

Good luck with your edibles this season!


Flowering Plant Batches €20 (6 Pots)

Full Availability in May – June

The below list will be updated shortly with varieties for 2021

Email your order to gretasherbs@yahoo.com



Batch F      Pick ‘n Mix 6 ( not more than 2 of the same variety per batch)

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Limited supply on all varieties. (Approx Pot size 10-13 cm) Delivery takes 7-10 days. Please note that those marked as perennial will grow for many years – short lived perennials a few years!

Petunia Trailing Red
Trailing Verbena Grape
Bidens Trailing Yellow
Geranium 'Mrs Pollock
Geranium ‘Mrs Pollock’
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops pectinatus – hardy shrubs – long flowering period – H: 1 metre
Dwarf Scented Sweet Pea ‘Villa Roma’
Branching Sunflower award winning ‘Soraya’ ideal cut flower – minimal pollen. Self supporting, strong stems carry many flowers.
Lupin Mix ‘Russell Hybrids’ – Perennial
Leucanthemum vulgare – Ox-eye daisy – Perennial
Euonymus emerald and Gold
Euonymus ‘Emerald ‘n Gold (dwarf evergreen shrub attractive foliage
Leycesteria formosa unusual shrub, the flowers in august-September followed by berries attract bees and birds.
Black Hollyhock
Black Hollyhock – Short lived Perennial (maroon black)
Papaver rubifragum – Spanish poppy (hardy perennial)
Achillea of Gold’ – Ornamental yarrow – Perennial
Verbena bonariensis – may over winter or reseed – powerful bee plant Perennial OUT OF STOCK
Aquilegia Mixed Hybrids – ideal for shady spots – Perennial
Osteospermum Pink – African Daisy – Tender Perennial
Argryanthemum yellow Tender perennial
Calendula officinalis – Pot Marigold (2 small pots instead of 1 large) Self seeding annual
Limnanthes douglasii – Poached egg plant- Self seeding annual (2 small pots instead of 1 large)

 Please keep all plants outside in their pots for 4-7 days to harden and develop a good root system. Always check underneath pots and trays for a sign of roots which means it is ready to plant! Keep watered and watch the slugs especially on the lupins and hollyhock.